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54 years y.o. female seeks man 45-65

Location: Milano, Italy
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Name: Stella
Date of birth: 1967-12-01
Age: 54 years
City: Milano
Country: Italy

Eyes: green
Hair: color: blond; length: medium; style: wavy;
Weight: 54 kg / 119 lbs
Height: 158 cm / 5'2"
Status: divorced
Languages: italian
Occupation: call center operator
Education: incomplete higher
Religion: christian catholic
Favourite music: classical, disco, pop, country
Favourite books: classics, novels
Favourite cuisine: japaneze, italian, mexican
I Likes go to: theater, cinema, museums, parks, meeting with friends
I like these activities: dancing, swimming, bouling
Search age group: 45-65
Personality traits: honest, sociable, comunicative, sensitive, gentle, optimistic, romantic, serious, confident, calm, responsible
About my match: I am looking for a good person, someone sweet, caring, who can make me feel important, capable of inventing those little gestures that make you feel unique. for me love is sustained by trust, loyalty and mutual respect, but must be supplied by small details that are good for your heart. I would like to become the wife of a man romantic, optimistic, kind, sociable and smiling Seeking a husband, Australian or Italian-Australian

More about Stella 
I'm not sure what definition could give me ... those who know me well say that they are strong and determined but also sweet, romantic but also realistic and a little 'fussy, sensitive and easy emotions but also cheerful and friendly, but most are always sincere, loyal, a lover of justice and truth I was born under the sign of Sagittarius, ascendant virgin are creative, love the half-point embroidery, decoupage and decoration than anything I understood in my hands, I like walking, reading, traveling, I love all music, the joy I like to take care of my house and my family, but the art of cooking is not exactly my forte ... I like to eat healthy but are also terribly greedy, and 3 pregnancies despite this still managed to maintain a discreet online I do not drink alcohol, do not take drugs, I have no particular vices, except for cigarettes, I like the elegant, understated clothes are 158 cm high and weighing 54 kg, I have green eyes and curly hair medium blonde color. are separated by 10 years and in a few weeks come the divorce, I have 3 children 43 years and I grew up following the decision by one of my ex-husband to give up parental rights to exit permanently from the lives of children. my children: Sharon 22 years, studying at university, faculty of dental hygiene in Year 2, working in a dental office and lives with her partner, Francesca 15 years, he studied language in high school at 1 year, 12 years Raffaele , attends school and is about to begin Year 3 ... If anything were to fail to crown my dream would carry with me only the two younger are not always practicing Catholic Christian, but very believing. in these 10 years, despite myself, I always worked occasionally with temporary contracts, in this moment I'm working as call center operator I have a curriculum vitae and a rich pittosto title of social worker, I'd like to work with children. ideal for me would be to find a husband in Australia, a good person, kind, respectful, cheerful and sociable.

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