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Norwegian Brides

Have you always dreamt of having a beautiful girl from Norway as your life partner? Well if you have, then we are here to bring your dreams to life with our wonderful array of Norwegian girls. Our Norwegian girls are looking for perfect life partners and you might be able to find the girl of your dreams here. One thing that you must known about the girls from Norway are they are the prettiest and the thinnest in Scandinavia and most of them are very feminine and fashion conscious. They have fair skin, light eyes and toned legs and all these attributed enhance their appeal manifold. They have thick, full lips and bright eyes and look beautiful. Though they are not approachable outright, if they like you they will make eye contact and smile at you. They love good company and prefer men who are good looking and well built. Most women from Norway are culturally inclined and are proud of their history.

About Norway - Norway, which is officially known as the Kingdom of Norway is a Scandinavian constitutional monarchy and its territory consist of western part of Scandinavian peninsular, Arctic Svalbard archipelago, Jan Mayen and sub Antarctic Bouvet Island. Its population is almost 5 million

abdelkader 62 y/o from oslo

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