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Irish Brides

For all men looking for an Irish girl, we offer the best solution. We have a wonderful array of Irish women who are looking to meet eligible men they can date and if lady luck shines on you, you will be able to find the Irish girl of your dreams here. The women of Ireland are pretty diverse in terms of their appearance though most of them have a long face with typically rounded chin. Though a few Irish women do have red hair, the most common hair color is dark brown. They usually have long and a bit wild hair. They usually have a sloping nose with upward tilt. A lot of women have blue eyes but some of them have hazel or green eyes as well. Gold eyes are also seen in a few Irish women but pure brown eyes are very rare. They average height of women from Ireland is 5. 5’. You should take a look at our beautiful Irish girls and see whether you can find your match.

About Ireland - Ireland is typically an island situated in the north western part of continental Europe. It is Europe’s third largest island and the world’s twentieth. On the east of Ireland is Great Britain and the two are separated by Irish Sea.

Tayo 56 y/o from Dublin
Michael 31 y/o from Dublin
Anderson 44 y/o from Dublin
madan 27 y/o from Dublin
Alan 34 y/o from Dublin

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