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How Can I Obtain The Addresses Of Brides/Grooms?
There are two ways of obtaining addresses. The first way is instantly buying the address from bride page using Contact link. You will have to enter your email address, and will be redirected to payment page. The bride/groom address will be shown after we get confirmation on the payment.
The second way is to become an exclusive member and get all the contact information.

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What are your membership fees?
The membership is free to register, however exlusive membership costs 35 USD/month. Only exclusive members see all the lady profiles in the site. You can get discount by paying for more months at once.
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How New Are The Addresses On Your Website?
Every day many women become new members of our service. We add them to the website at least once a day. Look at their New Profiles first since they are new members and have not yet corresponded with any men.
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How Can I Attend A Tour If?
We do not provide any tours.
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How Many Women Should I Contact To Have The Best Chance For Success?
Our recommendation is that you write to fifteen to twenty women for your best chance at success. After all, it's better to have many responses rather than too few.
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Why Are These Women Looking For A Husband From A Different Country?
Although a thorough answer could be very complex, the short answer is that they see men from other countries as having more desirable characteristics. Men from other countries do not generally have problems with alcoholism. They believe foreign men to be more faithful, loving, and financially stable. The average salary in the Ukraine has been said to be $200 to $300 per month. These women would like to have a husband that they can trust and on which they can depend.
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Are These Women Seeking Wealthy Men?
No. First of all, if you earn $1500 a month you would be wealthy in their country. Second, what they most want is a happy life with a loving and faithful husband, and children with good opportunities in their lives. They want mature, healthy, stable men who will love them, care for them, and provide for them and the family.
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How Important Is Age Difference?
Generally, Ukrainian/Russian women prefer older men. They place great value on the maturity, wisdom, and financial stability that older men have attained. In all countries, men over the age of 35, 40, or 50 have matured in many different ways. These women are turned off by younger men who lack maturity, wisdom, and financial security. They place little value on partying and material things. In their society, women focus on their families. To them, happiness lies in creating a successful marriage and a successful family.
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Are The Women Who Join The Service Charged Any Fees?
No, they are not required to pay any fees.
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Will My Health Insurance Be Valid In The Country I Am Visiting?
Check directly with your insurance company to find the answer. If your current policy will not cover you, ask what kind of appropriate coverage you can purchase.
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What Should I Know About The Social Functions With The Women?
  • You may dress as you like. However, make the best impression you can make.
  • During the function, do not spend your time with just one or two women. Meet many different women and find out with which women you are most compatible. Ensure that you get the phone number of any woman you would like to see again.
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Can You Tell Me What Items I Should Take?
  • Since the electrical voltage is different than some other countries, including the United States, you may need an electrical adapter.
  • During winter, the weather can be cold, and during summer, the weather can be hot. Therefore, to ensure that you are comfortable, bring the clothing appropriate to the time of year in which you will attend your tour.
  • Take photographs with you that will reveal you and your life. The women will want to know who you are, what you do, and what your life is like.
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Can I Have A Woman I Meet With Your Company Visit Me In The United States?
Yes, however, she must first be granted a Visa. To get a visa, she must prove that you and she have met in person previously. You may go with her to the nearest United States Embassy while you are in her country, or you may later display photo evidence of your meeting. With a visa, she may legally enter the United States and remain for ninety days. At the end of this time period, she must marry you or return to her home country. If you do get married, you and she will only need to file the appropriate documents with the United States government.
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Will I Need A Visa As Well As A Passport To Travel?
Yes, you will need both.
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I forgot my password what I need to do?
You should email us to Customer Support with the following details ( your email, your transaction number ), and will remind it to you.
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How to upload corret photo?
  • Login
  • Upload at least one good quality picture, in which other people can clearly see you.
  • Available pictures formats: jpg, jpeg, bmp, png.
  • Confirm your profile.
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